Warranty Mark Statute of the Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e.V.

  1. Name and headquarters
  2. Purpose and task
  3. Membership
  4. Representation
  5. Setting up and design of the quality mark
  6. Circle of the authorized and use conditions
  7. Rights and duties of the ones involved
  8. Changes

Warranty Mark Statute

of the GGM Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e.V.

(Guarantee mark statutes within the meaning of Article 84 of Regulation (EU) No 2017/1001

or § 106d MarkenG) 


1             Name and seat of the association 

 The association is a quality association in the sense of the principles for quality marks of the RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e. V., 53229 Bonn, in the respective valid version and bears the name GGM Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e.V..
It is registered in the register of associations at the Darmstadt district court.
The registered office of the Quality Association is Odenwaldring 68, 64380 Rossdorf.


2             Explanation on Art. 83 (2) of Regulation (EU) No. 2017/1001 

The purpose of the association is 

                2.1. to ensure the quality of mineral wool products; and
                2.2 Products made of mineral wool, the quality of which is assured, are to be marked with the quality mark products made of mineral wool.
The association does not carry out any commercial activity involving the supply of goods for which there is a warranty.


3             Reproduction of the warranty mark




4             Goods or services covered by the guarantee mark 

The warranty mark is registered for mineral wool insulation materials for heat, cold, sound, fire and vibration protection.


5             Characteristics of the goods to be certified by the certification mark           

The mineral wool insulation materials protected under the Union guarantee mark are sustainable and harmless to health when processed. In the case of mineral wool, this means compliance with the exemption criteria for the required and sufficient bio-solubility, i.e. the proven health safety of the insulation materials. Further details can be found in the quality and testing regulations (section 3.1).


6             Conditions for the use of the guarantee mark including sanctions 

The guarantee mark may only be used if the Quality Committee of the Quality Association has checked the requirements in accordance with the quality and testing regulations and the implementation regulations and has awarded the quality mark. The Board of the Quality Association must certify the award.
Quality mark users may only use the guarantee mark for quality assured products made of mineral wool.
The Quality Assurance for Mineral Wool Products, RAL-GZ 388, attached as Annex 1, comprises the quality and test regulations of the same name and the implementation regulations for the award and use of the Quality Mark for Mineral Wool Products, which is an integral part of these trademark regulations and the basis for the use of the warranty mark and the verification of this use by the Quality Association.
The Quality Assurance for Mineral Wool Products, RAL-GZ 388 according to Annex 1 is available on the website of the Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e.V. at www.ral-mineralwolle.de.
The quality mark users are obliged to comply with these trademark statutes, the quality and testing regulations and the implementation regulations and to inform the Quality Association if they become aware that the quality mark is being misused.
The sanctions in the event of a breach of the quality and testing regulations are laid down in Section 5 of the Implementing Regulations for the Award and Use of the Quality Mark for Mineral Wool Products (Annex 1). They include in particular 

  • Additional requirements within the scope of self-monitoring,
  • Increase in external monitoring,
  • Warning,
  • Contractual penalty up to the amount of € 10,000,
  • Temporary or permanent withdrawal of the quality mark, 

Quality Mark Users who violate Section 3 or 4 may be warned. Instead of a warning, a contractual penalty of up to € 10,000 can be imposed for each individual case. The contractual penalty must be paid to the Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e.V. within 14 days of the decision becoming legally binding.


7             Persons authorised to use the certification mark 

All companies that unreservedly accept the statutes and have been granted the right to use the quality mark by the Quality Association are entitled to use the quality mark.


8             Verification of the guaranteed characteristics and monitoring of the use of the mark by the quality associations

 The subject of the quality assurance is in particular the manufacture of products from mineral wool. The prerequisite for the award and use of the quality mark is the approval of the mineral wool fibre type cumulatively both by the test procedure specified in section 3.1.2 of the quality and test specifications (intratracheal test) and the proof of compliance with one of the three test procedures specified in sections 3.1.3 - 3.1.5 (intratracheal test, short-term inhalation test, long-term inhalation test). The test procedure mentioned in section 3.1.6 (determination of the carcinogenicity index) may supplement the demonstration of exemption according to the test procedure in section 3.1.2. The exemption certificate may instead be obtained by passing the test procedure referred to in section 3.1.1 (intraperitoneal test).
The quality associations are obliged to 

  • monitor the quality mark users to ensure that they comply with these trademark statutes, the quality and testing regulations and the implementing regulations,
  • take action against it if the use of the quality mark is disturbed or impaired, and
  • intervene if the quality mark is misused. 

In detail, the monitoring is divided into: 

  • Initial testing,
  • Self-monitoring,
  • External monitoring,
  • Retest 

which are specified in more detail in Section 4 of the Quality and Inspection Regulations (Annex 1).

9             Changes 

Amendments to these trademark statutes, including those of an editorial nature, require the prior written consent of RAL in order to become effective. They will be announced by the Board of the Quality Association, which will also determine their entry into force within a reasonable period of time.